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How we will price your project: Your web site is an investment in yourself and your business, and we'll help you plan not just for the present, but for future growth. Each project is priced individually depending on the amount of work involved. The table below will give you an idea of what various elements of a site will cost.

We don't restrict you to package plans at a set price, and you don't have to start with a large comprehensive site that includes online sales. You can start with a home page and 1-2 additional pages to make your company's basic information readily available for around $250-300. Additional web pages and features such as online ordering can be added later.

For a larger but still simple five or six page website, expect to spend in the range of $400-600. This could include individual product information with a printable order form and/or simple email form. A more extensive site with an online catalog or gallery, and a shopping cart to allow customers to order online will probably cost $500-600 or more.

Why we don't charge by the hour:

We love our work and we're perfectionists. If we spend hours on a simple detail, you shouldn't pay for our eccentricity. And like you, we move faster on some days than on others!

Homepage design or redesign $150-200 Includes related design for secondary pages. Price depends on complexity of design and amount of original graphics to be created (simple design with company logo and supplied photos vs extensive original graphics).

Creation of individual pages


Includes images, rollover links or dropdown menus, and insertion of text content.

Conversion of existing pages


Transfer of content to pages in a new design. Price depends on extent of changes to layout, text, and images.

Images - provided in digital form.

$5 each

Includes optimization, cropping, resizing, sharpening, color adjustment.

Images - provided in form requiring scanning.

$10 each

Includes optimization, cropping, resizing, sharpening, color adjustment.

Simple gallery pages


6 or more images optimized and styled

Linked gallery pages

$50-75 plus $5 per linked page.

Thumbnail images linked to separate pages containing larger images.

Contact Form


“Add to Cart”, “View Cart”, and “Checkout” buttons added to existing pages.

Paypal Shopping Cart


Emailed form using CGI script.

Other Shopping Carts $500-$1000+ Customized shopping carts, complete online catalogs with integrated ordering - depends on complexity and features.
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