Web Site Design

Ten Reasons Why Mainely Computing May Be
The Right Web Design Company For You:

  1. You suspect that you should have a website but youíre not sure why or what should be on it.
  2. You have a small business, non-profit, or professional office.
  3. You didnít start using a computer in elementary school, and you listen to music on CDs or tapes, not an IPod.
  4. You donít have a fortune to spend but want professional quality.
  5. You might eat alphabet soup but donít want to worry about HTML, CSS, XML, ASP, etc.
  6. Youíre an artist, musician, craftsperson, writer, entertainer . . . (or a butcher, baker, candlestick maker; soldier, sailor, banker, thief, doctor, lawyer, Indian chief!)
  7. You watched ďLost in SpaceĒ but donít want to be lost in cyberspace.
  8. You like friendly helpful people who speak plain English.
  9. You want a simple user-friendly (for you and others) web site that really reflects your style/business/self.
  10. You need a web site that will attract people now and grow in the future.